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Nowhere else can you find the range or years of experience to solve EVERY makeup need. Donatelle's expert makeup services are at the top of the wish lists of photographers, models, actors, television professionals, filmmakers, makeup artists, video imagists, brides, anyone looking for the perfect makeup artist...one who caters to the needs of the media, but who can also do makeup for headshots, makeovers, consultations.

Donatelle is a person anyone in the performing arts or related fields needs to know. She has a vast background in all aspects of the industry and is one of the top makeup artists in the USA.

PHOTO: Larry Bolch

On top of that, she is one of the most warm, generous and caring people I have ever known. Furthermore, who could not love a woman who lives with a dachshund named Ernie? :-)

Larry Bolch

Donatelle - she's an industry icon!

Gordon Nicol, Video & Sound Producer

Icon? She's the original! She's unparalleled! She's INSANELY Great!

Mark Birnbaum

The second thing concerns a lady in town who is an amazing talent ... behind the lens. Her name is Donatelle Mascari, and she is a gifted and experienced makeup artist ... in the full sense of the word. I know her work. She is a gifted artist.

Bill Flynn, Actor

Hello Donatelle, I just wanted to thank you for the great workshop. I am always trying to learn more and more to be a true acting professional, and I appreciate you putting this makeup/image workshop together. With much appreciation...

Jay Prichard, Actor

So I was at this casting. In a room full of actors. And someone mentioned working with you. Next thing you know, there is a room full of actors who don't even know each other chatting up about how much we all love you. I was impressed.

Jae Mann

Photo: Charlie Freeman

I came home and my husband said, "You look lovely!" Unasked!

Thank you so much for teaching me about makeup. I remember everything you said.

Leslie - a makeover client

Hello, Donatelle! I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your presentation last week. You gave an excellent presentation, with tons of great information that was pertinent to everyone who attended. I could tell that everyone took away a lot of benefical advice with them. You were so eloquent and relaxed! your demeanor and the setting really made everyone feel comfortable, and it was just right for the topics that were discussed. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of it!

Deanna Sanchez, Actress

Should you think you'll find another makeup artist in Texas as qualified, professional, and talented as Donatelle, I'll PERSONALLY pay you to hire her for one day on your next shoot. Actually, only a few minutes would convince you that she's your huckleberry. A hero with motion film and still makeup, Donatelle is the queen of HD makeup, a specialty rare in the industry. And you want her on set when Divas are floating around, or any other high-maintenance talent, for that matter. She knows this industry well and has the personality to make you shine.

Roger Lindley
Ragtown Motion Pictures, Inc.

Every filmmaker has to look her best. Donatelle's special makeup kit was the perfect solution for Cynthia Mondell, Filmmaker and President of Women in Film-Dallas, who was on the go for four weeks going from location shooting to high power interviews in Budapest, Munich, and Prague.

Thank you, Donatelle!

Donatelle gave us makeup on all three videos and brought joy to the set. She did exactly what I asked -- and more -- by giving me three progressively more complex, distinct, and beautiful looks on the principle and was always there to help and guide me when I needed it. She was our angel on the set.

Clay Luther
New Trick Flicks

Theatre Bulletin: Emily Scott Banks, as A Most Dangerous Woman...(George Eliot) presented by Echo Theatre Company.

Having overseen makeup for TXMPA/ SAG-AFTRA awards show viewing in Dallas, SAG Pro-Act instructor Donatelle enjoys the festivities held at the newly-renovated Texas Theater!

Photo: Doc Strange, Dallas's Premiere Event Photographer


Donatelle Mascari awarded key makeup position on Anthony Brownrigg's upcoming film ARCHAIC REDEMPTION. This film is going to make history for many reasons. For more info, hit the Archaic Redemption fan page on Facebook and check out Archaic Redemption on www.imdb.com .

View on YouTube
Director/Writer: Anthony Brownrigg

Donatelle and Wendy discuss Wendy's upcoming business headshot look at Sal Sessa's. "Dallas Headshots" does some of the best executive headshots I've seen. www.dallasheadshots.com

Photographer: Sal Sessa - Dallas Headshots

And another Sal Sessa photo shoot... www.dallasheadshots.com

Photographer: Sal Sessa - Dallas Headshots

In time for Christmas at the Gaylord Texan...one of my favorite makeup gigs, including Mark Howell as Elf-is!

Donatelle recently transformed actress Mackinlee Waddell, merely thirteen years old, into an exact replica of Bette Davis by Donatelle. Amazing and fun. You will see that the photos of Mac and those of Bette Davis are astonishingly similar! Take a look:

Donatelle has a featured role in Mafia Tech Support, directed by Anthony Akiniz of Good Luck Pictures. Watch for the premiere!

"OK, I'll turn the dog into a Zombie!"
Well, of course I DIDN'T, but it looks as though Jay Gavit, newly made up as ambulatory dead, was trying to scare me into it. Jay was a participant in Texas Frightmare Weekend, so he got the menu: the right color, the peeling-off skin, maggots, pus, decaying nose, flies. Pretty good for no prosthetics or attachments, Beast to beauty...Beauty to beast...
All in a day's work for Maven.

For the upcoming series, Hot on the Trail...

Photo courtesy of Fusion Productions.

Donatelle readied host Sunny Savage, who takes us where the wild things are in an upcoming series, "Hot on the Trail". Here, Sunny picks dewberries.

Readying singer Katie Mariah for her album cover!!!

Photo courtesy of Travis Petty; Frozen Fire Films.

Photo: Mark Oristano

From a collection of new-vintage prints of local theater celebrities.

Theatre 3 invited Donatelle to image veteran actor R. Bruce Elliot as Beethoven for his recent role in their production of "33 Variations".

Photographer: Mark Hlaing

Photographer: Mark Hlaing; Makeup: Donatelle; Hair: Desiree Burris

Photographer: Donatelle Mascari

Photographer: Michael Ciancio

Photographer: Charlie Freeman

Photographer: Roy Choudhoury


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