Contributors about to Contribute! Let’s learn.

Some very good news for all of us and for the many media whose problems I can help solve. It’s about ideas and communicating, and I think it can be a very useful…even eye-opening (no pun intended) event, here.

Each of several media will post to my contributors page. Let’s use this page for contributors to blog ways in which to get the most out of their makeup, hair, styling needs. They and I can co-post in order to convey communication between makeup and media, whether it’s corporate, film/video, editorial magazine columns and blogs, theatrical and live presentation ideas. Seeing and hearing from these people…and I mean known experts in their fields…get ideas about how we work together and grow these ideas into a seamless finished product…editing and final-use in mind right from the get-go…can grow your business and personal needs into a full-throttle thrust-and-thrive.
Be watching.

Meanwhile…As my first contributor…more later on the Contributors’ page as far as credits and what she will offer, here…is Taama Forasiepi, of Blue Logic, LLP. Blue Logic offers every professional film/video service to every media, including animation. They serve huge corporations and also small-set services such as for blogs, industrial how-to’s, from cooking shows to genealogy-question events serving smaller audiences. Taama, herself an architect, professionally, as well as a fine artist, illustrator, photographer and author of several children’s books…is one of the producers in her video company and…of course with these backgrounds is able to think from so many angles that her advice to me and to everyone in the photo/video/animation-use industries can be mind-blowing. No exaggeration.

With Taama’s blend of artist and corporate nerd, you want her input. Let’s be looking forward to it on my blog.