As a cancer survivor myself, I can tell you this: it ain’t easy. Let’s “Face Up” to it TOGETHER

Fortunate to have worked with a hospital on a shoot featuring survivors, I got to camera-ready and give tips to a woman who is not only a survivor…she’s a thriver, too!

One of the first signs I see when people are getting better from any sickness, disaster, depression…is that we start to take care of ourselves in better ways.

Is makeup “life-changing”? The expression is used so often, it loses its impact, but yes…
Can we think of making up as a step to getting better? Yes. Incrementally empowering.

Here’s a picture with my “Survive and Thrive” badge given by Echo Theater and Soul Rep Theater Company when they presented MONARCH…a beautiful production depicting every stage of the journey we are facing or have faced.
This is a good place to let you know about the sleeve I wear on my right arm…you can see it in other pictures; it’s a medical sleeve for lymphedema (not to be confused with ‘lymphoma’), caused by radiation treatment affecting those underarm lymph nodes. Many, if not most of us who’ve been treated are prone to this condition, and the sleeve helps keep the lymphatic fluid moving so the affected area resists swelling.

If I can help solve makeup problems with and for you, please be in touch, whether individually or as a group.

“THE LOOK THAT BOOKS”…What you need to know to get the perfect headshot!!!

No matter your skill or education, if you want to be an actor, you’re not going to get in without a headshot.  Bottom line…this from casting directors:

“You’d dang well better look like your headshot!”   (I cleaned that up. They’re pretty explicit about this)

This workshop/seminar combines everything you need to know, from:

  • selecting an appropriate photographer
  • what to wear…color…style…
  • research/homework
  • makeup-hair advice
  • how to think through to the look you want
  • second, third looks discussed. Information-deliverer? Character shot?
  • close-up or distant

This is a good class for everyone, actor or not…because everyone needs a photograph these days.
I also hold this class for business headshots. Face it (pun intended)…EVERYONE needs a headshot.

To book this Event or to find out more: (214) 552-0312

“JUST ONE THING” workshop is like a VITAMIN to your look! FREE!

"Sometimes all it takes is just the tiniest,
simplest makeup change that really 'ups' our 
happiness and confidence quotient, right?"
JUST ONE THING...At this event, tell me just one thing you'd change, or maybe something about your face or makeup speaks to me and with your permission, I'll show you what I see. Makes a good party with lots to share. Big-time shower, birthday, pajama party, corporate event. 

To book: (214) 552-0312