Want to skyrocket the look of your low-budget film? It’s all about the faces, you know…

Let’s go over your script, talk about the finished product as you see it, chronology, etc…and meet the cast to provide instruction and help make them and you comfortable with the know-how it takes to do it right. Instead of having a non-production makeup artist, for very little moolah you can have the right advice in the first place to have what it takes to win the look.  

“JUST ONE THING” workshop is like a VITAMIN to your look! FREE!

"Sometimes all it takes is just the tiniest,
simplest makeup change that really 'ups' our 
happiness and confidence quotient, right?"
JUST ONE THING...At this event, tell me just one thing you'd change, or maybe something about your face or makeup speaks to me and with your permission, I'll show you what I see. Makes a good party with lots to share. Big-time shower, birthday, pajama party, corporate event. 

To book: (214) 552-0312