Beautiful! A case of “so what, you don’t even NEED makeup”

But she was defiant, and so MUCH so that she…probably without realizing…stood there with her arms folded firmly across her chest, as if to dare me. Now, don’t get me wrong: I couldn’t blame her. She’d been to every makeup counter, tried everything…and was disappointed.

No, she doesn’t need makeup…nobody NEEDS it!… but it’s in our very “makeup” to want to play, have fun, change our looks, fit in with others in various locations and for different occasions, and for photographs.

So Heather and I discussed, did some testing, and that was YEARS ago. We’ve since become family, never mind the DNA. Don’t need that kind of testing.

Can I say my products are hypo-allergenic? No. Why? because some people are allergic to air and water. Not going to mislead you, but in the hundreds of faces I’ve worked with, there hasn’t been an issue.
The great photographer, David McGhee, wanted the most natural, makeupless face for a gallery show, so Heather was his first choice. Here’s a picture from that shoot, my arm in the way…but since we don’t doctor photographs, you get the arm as a sort of GWP…

Recently, three of us got together…
Teresa of Core Talent, Heather of Heather, and myself: